Alexandra Campbell

Scaling Skalisma | Athens, Greece| Unit 21 | 2019 Click to see Design Realisation Situated in modern Athens, the building is a cross-programming of a public bathhouse and a community theatre, and I explored the use of natural stone processes of carving (skalisma) and finishes at different scales within the project. Both programs date back to Ancient Greek architecture that had striven to bring society together, while using marble and other

Feng Yang

TEETH + TEA/ BATSU | Stockholm, Sweden | Unit 21 | 2017   Click to see Design Realisation   This project explores the spatial composition of rituals through model making. Shapes and forms generated from activity graphs are superimposed into one another and modified to create a new sequence of spaces through the language of folding and curling. Intersections between the ritualised and the more fluid could come together in this