Julian Besems

Books as Bytes | Piraeus, Greece | Unit 21 | 2019 Click to see Design Realisation This project is not about the design of a single building, but the development of a software program that generates a building design based on user information. Click image to zoom–> The primary focus of the project is the development of such a program for a university libraries. In this the smallest spatial unit

Yasaman Mohsanizadeh

How can Language Change the Way We Design Architecture? | Turin, Italy | Unit 21 | 2018 Awarded Distinction for Design   Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th year work Click image to zoom–> 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation migrants lack representation in the policies and urban planning agendas of the Five Star Movement, Turins incumbent political party. As a result, there are residing social, cultural and political

Aviva Wang

CALIBREUR DE LA JOLIETTE | Marseille, France | Unit 21 | 2016   Click to see Design Realisation   My project, Calibreur de La Joliette, aims to ‘calibrate’ the proportion of spaces of various functions in the La Joliette neighbourhood in Marseille, France. Calibration is ‘the process of finding a relationship between two quantities that are unknown‘. My proposal aims to test out possibilities of city calibration at a local scale, as well

Alicia Bourla Y5

FLOATING LIBRARY ISTANBUL | Istanbul | Unit 21 |  2011 Istanbul, an ‘archipelago of neighbourhoods’ is a city within which the East and West straddle amongst each other, ‘like memories plucked from dreams’. I propose a building in the water, where the density of the city disappears, within the marriage of the civilizations inhabiting the two banks of the strait. Concentrating on the Islamic tradi- tion and culture, I designed a

Wendy Lin

PAVILION | Tremenheere Art Park, Penzance | Unit 21 | 2013 CITY LIBRARY | Tangier, Morocco | Unit 21 | 2013 Pavilion The project explores how historic events can be used as an inspiration for architectural design. The new pavilion at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens translates the past qualities of a 15th Century vineyard that previously existed on the site. Rosettes were designed based on vine-leaves that can be grown on site