William Molho

GROUND FOR PLAY(S) THEATREĀ | London, UKĀ | Unit 21 | 2014

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Somer’s Wall Film: Ground for Play(s) Theatre

Somers Walls is a filmed, continuous elevation of Somers Towns, a neighborhood in Camden, London, where the theatre project is located. Shot from a car, the film expresses the nature of Somers Town boundaries: Euston station, St. Pancras station, Euston. The density and rhythm of the buildings show the “ghetto” condition that this part of London undergoes. As a transition to the Theatre project, a series of stills were extracted from the film. They were merged together and depict the variety of physical barriers that enclose the area. It adds a level of depth and blur. The barriers act as screens. These screens appear in the theatre project, where the key walls each have a status: Glass, LED, Soft concrete, Reflective concrete. They determine the key areas of the building: Children playground, Stage and foyer. Attention was carried on the playground, inspired by typologies of the local 1970s housing estate.




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