Joe Travers-Jones

WISH YOU WERE HERE/ RETURN TO SENDER | Stockholm, Sweden | Unit 21 | 2017


WISH YOU WERE HERE – The Postcard Stuga
The project acts as a personal reflection of travel experiences that took place over a six week period during the summer. During travels data was collected subconsciously using the pre-set geographic system services on an iphone, recording the latitude, longitude and altitude travelled. A notational method of drawing was used to translate this subconsciously recorded data into a habitual retreat (Stuga) in which visitors can reflect upon their own travel experiences through a sequence of experiential postcards moments that reconstruct the qualities of the destinations visited. Colour acts as a key identification in communicating the places represented within the building, formulating a coding system for spaces within the building and key building elements.


RETURN TO SENDER – A Model for Development
The project aims to formulate an exemplary model for the sustainable development on the Skogskyrkogarden site under a commission from The UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Thus creating a manual on how to protect this prestigious status in response to the ambiguity surrounding the criteria of listing and de-listing. It is suggested that a strategy of phased development that supports and showcases the existing conditions should be employed as a model to demonstrate how sustainable development can occur over all sites as a continuous process over time. The project outlines three built phases on the Skogskyrkogarden site: the first a postcard shop, second staff facility and the third a photography gallery exhibiting images of the de-listed sites from the World Heritage list.
 To create a proposal that is ultimately contextualised the new buildings act as postcard constructs to heighten the user’s experiences of the site; reinterpreting and framing several existing postcard moments on site within the architecture. To complete the project in accordance with the aspirations set by UNESCO the project seeks to meet all ten selection criteria to evidence how development can be a stimulus for positive change over UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To achieve this aspiration to meet all ten criteria on the Skogskyrkogarden site the new developments must satisfy three currently outstanding criteria (vii, viii, ix) upon completion of the development, defining the main deliverables of the project.


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