Yeung Piu So

KARL MARX ALLEE MONUMENT | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 Awarded Distinction in Design                                                                                                                 

Yi Su

PINA BAUSCH’S DANCE SCHOOL | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 Awarded Distinction in Design                                                                                                                  

Sophie George

OPPORTUNISTIC GEOMETRIES | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 Awarded Distinction in Design The project tests whether bespoke digital methods can be used in a political and provocative way. It questions levels of chance and control within a design project and uses methods that embrace indeterminate outcomes. A new Federal Constitutional Court of Germany is proposed in Berlin on a site formerly occupied by the Berlin Wall. A single module of the

Gabriel Lee

THE OPTICAL PARK | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 “We have attempted to present interior reality and exterior reality as two elements in process of unification, of finally becoming one” – André Breton The project was initiated by carrying out a series of analogue photographic experiments to explore the idea of superimposition of spaces, time and scale. This lead to the final proposal of an Optical Park at the

Ayaka Suzuki

PLACE-MAKING | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 Digital communication is an absolute necessity for the fast-moving  society of today. It provokes real events that then feed back into the virtual domain; the communicative data of the physical environment is constantly altered and multiplied.  Project I is an investigation into the eviction of the collective housing residents in Berlin. The chain reaction of protests, with live uploads of videos and comments

Mina Gospavic

BERLIN ARTSPARK | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 | Awarded Distinction in Design   ‘Intervention in the existing city, in its residual spaces, in its folded interstices can no longer be comfortable or effacious in the manner postulated by the modern movement’s official model of enlightened tradition…[but rather through attention to continuity] of the flows, the energies, the rhythms established by the passing of time and loss of limits’ –

Tia Randall

THE ENGELBECKENGARTEN | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 Awarded the Ambrose Poynter Prize for Distinguished Work in Diploma Thesis   Die Engelbeckengärten, The Engelbeckengärten, a community agricultural gardens was designed to provide the infrastructure that enables a social framework to be developed by the local residents and users, over time. Within the landscape, we find objects of intrigue and invention, that allow for the manual manipulation of processes within the gardens.

Eleanor Hedley

THE THEATRICAL LANDSCAPE | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 This project has sought to define an architecture of the view. This has been explored via the three characteristic viewing techniques displayed by the protagonists of Richard Wagner’s opera ‘Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg’: empathetic, fragmented and unified viewing. Each of these is brought to the fore in turn during the three acts of the performance and is used to inform

Sara L’Espérance

URBAN PLAYGROUND | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 The Urban Playground was designed to challenge the typical understanding of the playground’s role in an urban context and redefine it as a space where ‘play’ can encompass all urban dwellers, not simply children. Inspired by the children’s book Harold and the Purple crayon, the linear approach of the site layout emerged as a strategy to explore the line as a continuous