Ayaka Suzuki Y4

PICTURE HOUSE FOR THE TURKISH MOTION IMAGE | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Snow; “it made the city look new, not only covering up the mud, the filth and the neglect, but by producing in every street and every view an element of surprise…” Situated amongst the long-lost memories of the celebrated past of the city, the Picture House reflects how the novelist Orhan Pamuk remembers his black-and-white childhood

Costa Elia Y5

    THE ISTIKLAL CADDESI MONUMENT AND THE BUYUKADA MUSEUM | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Awarded Distinction for Design & Merit for Thesis RIBA Silver Medal Nomination in Thesis                                                                              

Alicia Bourla Y5

FLOATING LIBRARY ISTANBUL | Istanbul | Unit 21 |  2011 Istanbul, an ‘archipelago of neighbourhoods’ is a city within which the East and West straddle amongst each other, ‘like memories plucked from dreams’. I propose a building in the water, where the density of the city disappears, within the marriage of the civilizations inhabiting the two banks of the strait. Concentrating on the Islamic tradi- tion and culture, I designed a

Paul Legon

ANAMORPHIC CITY HALL | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Awarded Distinction in Design                                                                                                                  

Gabriel Lee

MUSEUM OF OPTICS | London | Unit 21 | 2011   ‘On the last night of the nine-day boat journey, he makes a thorough mystical preparation when he hears thecaptain announce, “Gentlemen! Tomorrow at dawn, we will see the first minarets of Istanbul.” Passenger De Amicissleeps little, goes to the deck as soon as he sees the faint light heralding dawn and curses in disillusionment,for there is fog. But the

Yi Su Y4

MUSEUM OF MELANCHOLY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 The whole story comes from Orhan Pamuk’s book ‘Istanbul: Memories of a City’, in which ‘hüzün’, a Turkish expression of ‘melancholy’, is defined as a form of collective emotion shared by millions of people in Istanbul. In this book, people’s life and the landscape in Istanbul, become the best illustration of ‘Melancholy’. Based on Pamuk’s book, this Museum of Melancholy

Sarah Bromley

THEATRICAL PLEASURE GROUND ISTANBUL | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Located on the old site of the great Byzantium Cemetery in Istanbul. A series of models exploring the physical and non physical create a time-based landscape, that is part natural, part technological. The landscape comprises of theatrical machines that are split into three time-based categories: Automatic, Reactive and Interactive. Each of the categories relates back to one of the

Mina Gospavic

MUSEUM OF PANORAMIC CARTOGRAPHY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 The Istanbul Museum of Panoramic Cartography investigates how individual and public ways of viewing Istanbul can be catalogued and exhibited to allow the user to visually comprehend the city’s development and contemporary urban fabric. The museum is perceived externally as a mark in current views across the Golden Horn Peninsula and by ‘zoomscape’ views from the local infrastructural network.

Naomi Bryden

MUSEUM OF DEMOCRACY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 ‘The Museum of Democracy’ is a proposal to remember and embody the defining acts of Turkish Democracy. The museum’s architecture is concerned with the acts of seeing and symbolising the narratives which have defined the process of Democracy in Turkey. The museum is sited upon a political artefact Yassiada Island, located 8km off the eastern shore of Istanbul. The islands history

Paul Broadbent

SHADOW PARK | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Fusing a technical construct with a theatrical narrative, introduced through the story of Karagöz and Havicat, two characters in a traditional Turkish Shadow play. The existing garden becomes an active public sculpture park and theatrical landscape of strange objects and peculiar artefacts. At night, the park takes of on a new identity of light, volume and shadow. The two characters meander

Sarah Alfraih

MUSEUM OF IDENTITY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011                                                                                                    Click to see Thesis   Situated in Istanbul, Museum of Identity,

Roger Molina Vera

Istanbul University Annex & The Urban Beach | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011     A Fog Harvesting Waterscape is designed to recreate the ambitious civic & public works that early Turkish Republic undertook over century ago. The designs of these parks, beaches, pools – places of enjoyment, recreation, and relaxation – gave Istanbul a new contemporary Western image; an goal still relevant, today, with Turkey’s accession bid to the

Lucy Paton

EL MALECON REANIMACIÓN | Havana | Unit 21 | 2011                                                                                       Click to see Thesis Cuba is in a transitional phase. Assuming that it is transforming into a free

Tia Randall

PORTMANTEAU: THE SOUVENIR_COLLECTION | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 The novel, ‘Istanbul – Memories and the City’ is a memoir to the home city of Orhan Pamuk. As he guides us through the back streets and waterways of Istanbul, he unveils the story of his boyhood. The project began by attempting to analyse the city using Pamuk’s memories of his childhood as the only source and create a physical response;

Ye Hui

Mechanical City | Beijing | MArch GAD | 2011 Awarded Distinction in Design The Reincarnation of Atlantis Initially the legend of Atlantis is used as a tactic to explore the birth and death of city. The process of Atlantis’s life is similar to the decline of old China and rebirth of new China. In this situation, China and Atlantis break the wall of time and space and lay over together.

Jason Immaraju

A Crude Island | Los Angeles | MArch GAD | 2011 A CRUDE ISLAND Historically, intensified energy flows have simultaneously been the reason behind massive cultural transformations and entropic damage to the planet. Now, the capitalist and political forces that control energy distribution networks have exchanged natural destruction for short-term profits while the public at large continues to consume at increasing rates. This paradox of progressive development at the expense

Dionysia Kypraiou

Digital Reconsecration | London | MArch GAD | 2011 Awarded Distinction in Design   Digital Reconsecration of the Levelled Churchyard Driven by the desire to comment on the ubiquitous use of  new technologies and research on a number  of notions and ideas such as the human body in motion and its relation to technology, the short life expectancy of the new technologies that creates a dialogue with the organic mortality

Yuki Nakagawa

Memory of Shadow | Tokyo| MArch GAD | 2011 Memory of Shadow: Hysterical Parametricism When I was growing up in a rural area of Japan, when a visitor came to my house and walked along the path next to the living room to reach the entrance a shadow was cast on the shoji. A projection of the visitor’s shape and movement on the other side of the shoji was experienced. 

I Ju Cheng

Desire-Land  | MArch GAD | 2011 Awarded Distinction in Design Desire-Land, Simulation of Hyper-Reality Reflection The Project is originated to examine the world in the reflected image as a virtual output built on human’s desire according to the Mirror Stage theory of Lacan (1953). The mirror image serves as a bridge between the mind and the reality world. Thus, the scene in the mirror could be seen as a representation

Mina Gospavic

BERLIN ARTSPARK | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 | Awarded Distinction in Design   ‘Intervention in the existing city, in its residual spaces, in its folded interstices can no longer be comfortable or effacious in the manner postulated by the modern movement’s official model of enlightened tradition…[but rather through attention to continuity] of the flows, the energies, the rhythms established by the passing of time and loss of limits’ –