Katie Walmsley

SHUNT  THEATRE | London | Unit 21 | 2009 Awarded Distinction for Design & the Fitzroy Robinson Prize for Drawing   “In another moment Alice was through the looking glass, and had Jumped lightly down into the looking glass room.” Lewis Carrol A new home for Shunt, a London based modern theatre company, who blur the lines between art and performance. The scheme is has a dual program, it consists

Carrie Behar

SPA RESORT | Sopot, Poland | Unit 21 | 2009   The project was concerned with ideas of the ornamental and decorative in architecture. This interest came about as the result of research that was carried out about Polish vernacular building techniques and traditional Polish crafts. Preliminary experimental models developed a formal language that was inspired by the re-interpretation of one particular Polish craft called ‘Wycinanki’ or ‘cut papers’. This

Will Aitken

URBAN THEATRE | London | Unit 21 | 2009 A proposal to redevelop a strip of high street in north-west London. A tripartite building programme refers to characteristics developed from three of the main protagonists in the novel White Teeth by Zadie Smith which is set in the locality.