Ayaka Suzuki Y4

PICTURE HOUSE FOR THE TURKISH MOTION IMAGE | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Snow; “it made the city look new, not only covering up the mud, the filth and the neglect, but by producing in every street and every view an element of surprise…” Situated amongst the long-lost memories of the celebrated past of the city, the Picture House reflects how the novelist Orhan Pamuk remembers his black-and-white childhood

Yi Su Y4

MUSEUM OF MELANCHOLY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 The whole story comes from Orhan Pamuk’s book ‘Istanbul: Memories of a City’, in which ‘hüzün’, a Turkish expression of ‘melancholy’, is defined as a form of collective emotion shared by millions of people in Istanbul. In this book, people’s life and the landscape in Istanbul, become the best illustration of ‘Melancholy’. Based on Pamuk’s book, this Museum of Melancholy