Rory Browne

Orchestrating Geochronology | Dungeness, UK | Unit 21 | 2021 Awarded the Bartlett School of Architecture Medal, BScAwarded First Class Honours Geochronology is the field of geology concerned with determining the age and history of Earth’s rocks, sediments, and fossils. Time is inherently encoded into the landscape; this project aims to quantify varying scales of time across numerous architectural elements. The scheme proposes a geochronology museum, archive, and research facility.

Zixi Chen

Mise-en-Dungeness | Dungeness, UK | Unit 21 | 2021 Awarded First Class Honours The project aims to explore an architectural approach to forming the mise-en-scène, applying this technique to create ‘hyper-authentic’ experiences of Dungeness. Mise-en-scène is a cinematic concept used by filmmakers to create images that express style, narrative, and experience. At the same time, the natural scenery of Dungeness encapsulates characteristic visual qualities that evoke the cinematic perception, attracting

Jacqueline Yu

The Playscape Garden | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2021 Awarded First Class Honours The Playscape Garden is a versatile community centre where architectural elements can be altered by the community within the building or from afar. The community’s presence is felt in the garden, whether through digital or physical means. With the mouse-tracking and manipulation techniques developed in the previous project, one of the ‘tending’ actions–sifting–is translated into

Ioana Drogeanu

Building a Bathhouse within a Room | Bucharest, Romania | Unit 21 | 2021 Awarded First Class HonoursAwarded Year 3 Portfolio Prize ‘The creation continues incessantly through the media of man.’ – Antoni Gaudi The project prompted a consideration of the scale at which people think about, design, and interact with architecture. Time spent indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic led to an exploration of ways in which objects can be moved

Beatrice Frant

Scattered Potential | Dungeness, UK | Unit 21 | 2021 Awarded First Class Honours Fighting the hungry landscape and its climatic intensity through paper-thin defiance, the project culminates in the design of a seed bank tower in the Dungeness Power Plant complex, to be built in parallel with the decommissioning of the reactor. As well as being actively involved in the repopulation of flora, the building also helps to reduce