Between the Line and the Land | Isle of Portland, UK | Unit 21 | 2022

Within the fault lines of subjective perceptions, small probabilities are overlooked and rare occurrences overestimated.

Psychological biases and intuitive sensibilities are the hidden noise in distorting seemingly objective entities and resolute cultural artefacts; our collective institutions become vulnerable to these speculative series of meditations, allowing entry to a series of consequential cartographic incursions and re-imaginations.

‘Between the Line and the Land’ speculates upon the spatial polarity between the City of London and the Isle of Portland, developing into an insurgent distortion of a formless landscape via a series of physical navigations undertaken in the City. Once an unwitting product of an exploratory process, the navigational line now emerges as the spatial protagonist of the cliffside site, negotiating between the medium of land, air and sea; the architecture that emerges is alien in nature, a geodetic artefact that dances between the line and the land.

The Expressionist Map

The navigation of the City becomes the tool with which an expressionist interpretation of the civic artefact is derived; the line emerges as the protagonist of the proposal

The Fault Lines of Subjectivity (Film)

The indeterminacy of perceiving the civic artefact reveals discrepancies in the mapping process; the perception of the artefact dances between numerous physical states.

Abstraction Café: Subterranean Incursions

The line embeds itself within the dormant ground-scape of the site, concealing and revealing itself with irreverence.

Alignment Exhibition: Civic Projections

The civic artefact becomes a projected wayfinding mechanism within the subterranean exhibition spaces.