Boundaries | Isle of Portland, UK | Unit 21 | 2022

‘Boundaries’ addresses the definition of architecture across administrative boundaries – how does this impact the building’s form and development ? With two sites spanning across the Isle of Portland and Weymouth, this project focuses on the dichotomic relationship of the edge – allowing the boundary to become a defining element in the building design and construction. Materiality is key to the core of this project; orchestrated by the stone offcuts, a relationship develops as each forms and dictates the architecture.

Each side of the building proposal propose spaces that celebrate Portland stone – with stone masonry workshops on the Portland side which export stone to the Weymouth galleries to exhibit.

The building, although functional is at heart a composition and a keen love letter to stone. Sitting in the heart of Portland stone itself, the Isle of Portland – the project strongly attempts to remain purist to this approach.

Developing a Language

Each of the Portland stone offcut pieces are designed to form a palette of Types A-D, consisting of 12 stone pieces per type which later are conjoined to form the building exterior.


A syntax is developed through the assignment of each stone piece to a colour, dictating roughness and scale. Based on a roughness scale of 1-6 from the cleanest stone to the roughest, the hidden stone compositions is exposed.

Final Renders

Final Drawings