The Continuous Sea-Wall | Dymchurch, UK | Unit 21 | 2021

Awarded Distinction for Design

The Continuous Sea-Wall is a proposal for an inhabitable section of coastline in Dymchurch, Kent. Occupying the boundary between land and sea, the scheme is comprised of a public esplanade, a fish & chip shop, a slot machine arcade, and a terrace of almshouses.

Building upon a fascination with lighthouses, the Esplanade occupies a similar position as an ephemeral amalgamation of architecture and infrastructure. Positioned as a collaboration between Trinity House and local councils, the project is one of seaside regeneration and coastal defence.

Various generative and analogue design processes have been deployed for application to a range of coastal sites and programmes around the UK, with Dymchurch selected as a detailed case study.

Colour Sampling Generations

Generation of experimental built forms through the use of colour sampling Grasshopper algorithms on ephemeral ‘Lighthouse’ paintings.

National Scale Application

Application of experimental Grasshopper scripts to a range of national case studies. An iconic painter’s work from each location is selected as the material for the colour sampling.

Cross Section – The Esplanade

Sectional Drawing of the proposed Dymchurch Esplanade. Attention is paid to the heightening of existing sea defences, structural reinforcement and the increase of the inter-tidal zone.