Guerrilla Film Festival | Dungeness, UK | Unit 21 | 2021

A proposed film festival is located on the boarder of the Dungeness estate. The project speculates on the complex issues of ownership within Dungeness. A guerrilla film Festival challenges authorship of the filmic medium, relating film to the physicality of space.

The typical segmented typology of a film festival is challenged. In a post pandemic future where the consumption of film has been redefined through the widespread adoption of streaming platforms. Where does cinema fit into our life. Creating an event that unites all aspects of a festival, into a performative procession through the landscape.

The result is a cinematic framework within the Dungeness environment. A versatile landscape that projects unlimited opportunities by setting up a festival on a filmic axis. Films project on linear projectors passing through auditoriums created through the shingle dunes. Film time becomes played out as multiple linear scans of the landscape.

A shifting programmatic performance, weaves itself through the landscape in accordance to the projection orientation, moments of legibility are quickly reduced to filmic wash. This filmic experience is held together by an infrastructure of interior spaces cast from the Dungeness landscape, creating lateral access and hierarchy within the uncertain landscape.

Festival Masterplan

Film Projection Timeline

A single film projection is expressed here in the drawing. The diagram shows the framework for which film can be played. The Director has the choice to dictate the film speed through the landscape.

Bar Facility

Bar location sits at the end of each access strand creating pockets of programmatic sheltered gathering. Ambient lighting is driven by average colour of surrounding films.


Curated view within the filmic infrastructure. This creates moments of fixed viewing, as well as providing all year round shelter within the landscape.