Scattered Potential | Dungeness, UK | Unit 21 | 2021

Awarded First Class Honours

Fighting the hungry landscape and its climatic intensity through paper-thin defiance, the project culminates in the design of a seed bank tower in the Dungeness Power Plant complex, to be built in parallel with the decommissioning of the reactor. As well as being actively involved in the repopulation of flora, the building also helps to reduce the remaining radiation levels as the neighbouring area is demolished and then emptied. The project focuses on devising a piece of architecture that choreographs seed release using a controlled deterioration of paper over time. This process is carefully prepared at specific points throughout the construction; various laminations of paper elements and their individual corrosion properties are used to dictate the exact timespans of release phases for different seeds.

In consideration of its longevity, the building tackles a wide range of spaces necessary for seed preservation; these cater to the different seeds’ requirements, including their lifespans or need for separation from the main structure. The use of paper is treated as a delicate counterpoint to the heaviness of the power station and the harshness of the Dungeness climate; it is supported by either a light framework or the rigid, resistant element of the permanent seed storage.

The Animated Story of the Dungeness Seed Bank

The film uses different animation techniques to capture the building processes–from the construction and decommissioning to the creation of a post-apocalyptic wildflower meadow.

Proposal Choreography

The illustrations focus on showing the fragility of different sections and the lifespan requirements for a series of spaces, playing on the importance of momentum.

The Seed Bank in Context

Overlooking the proposal next to the Dungeness Power Station. The difference in colour and transparency is a source of relief to the scarce landscape.

Ground Floor Plan

Introducing social spaces on the ground floor, such as a honeycomb-clad café, seed and human reception, and the initial stages of storage preparation.