Reframing Florence | Florence, Italy | Unit 21 | 2023

Taking form as a frame-making facility serving the galleries in Florence. Reframing Florence explores the gaze as a tool. Utilising a bespoke eye-tracking headset, the gaze is integrated into the design process. A fixation capture system allows users to compose new architectures based on unique perspectives captured through experiences within the city. Emphasising the significance of the individualised perspective, not simply the physical form.

The Eye-Tracking Headset

The eye-tracking headset is constructed from custom SLS nylon printed parts. Allows for modularity and customisation to suit different tracking types and conditions.

The Eye Model

Utilised realtime eye-tracking through Python, the data can be streamed into different software for analysis and manipulation. Here, Grasshopper is utilised to map the gaze in 3D.

Viewings of Florence

Digital viewings of the Florentine vernacular used the fixations from the gaze to generate an personalised vernacular library, constructed from seen fragments of Florence. These fragments each host unique identifying metadata, denoting their source, how long they were fixated upon, the viewing angle and view distance.

Attribute Metadata | Isolating the View Angle

Orient Capture Tool | Re-Composing the Architecture

Reframing Florence | The Eye as Architect