Parole Composte | Florence, Italy | Unit 21 | 2023

“Parole Composte” is a project that investigates the possibility, as Junya Ishigami stated, of embodying in architecture what was never considered architecture before, which, in my design, is expressed through words. The aim of the project was to explore the potential of designing through conversation, using scripts that translate words into shapes and engaging in dialogue with ChatGPT. My architectural approach seeks to examine how new LLMs (Large Language Models), particularly ChatGPT, can be used to create a spatial design language that is driven by words and conversation. The process I have developed transforms words into forms, considering how architectural form can be influenced by typography. This involves combining generative abstract processes with physical and environmental constraints.

The designed building serves as a contemporary art centre with a focus on hosting digital art exhibitions and workshops centred around the themes of digital literacy, coding, and teaching skills to bridge the digital divide by increasing technology accessibility. In addition to workshops and exhibitions, the building also incorporates a coffee shop that serves as a venue for debates and events related to digital rights, privacy, and internet governance. These activities aim to raise awareness and foster critical thinking about the internet, AI, and their impact on society.

P1 | Scattered Garden of Voices

A project of three installations located around Bloomsbury. Each of the three installations was designed in conversation with AI (GPT-3 language model).

Finding words that have a position on-site/meaning within the context

Drawings of interviews with people who worked on the site their expression translated into words, translated into drawings that were further translated into space.

Exemplary dictionary of words translated into shapes

Final plans and sections

Exploration of the Museum

The narrative of the movie was written by ChatGPT using some words that are incorporated into the building