THE ENGELBECKENGARTEN | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012

Awarded the Ambrose Poynter Prize for Distinguished Work in Diploma Thesis


Die Engelbeckengärten, The Engelbeckengärten, a community agricultural gardens was designed to provide the infrastructure that enables a social framework to be developed by the local residents and users, over time.

Within the landscape, we find objects of intrigue and invention, that allow for the manual manipulation of processes within the gardens. Users become physically entwined with the site, their constant presence and activities are required to animate and continue to develop the form of the proposal.

At the same time, the individual objects of invention themselves create intimate event experiences with their users. Their language of inherent movement evokes curiosity in those who find them. Once the user has discovered their workings through child-like investigations, the enjoyment of the experience perpetuates their use.


The Ritual Object    

Erwecken _ Experiencing the Moment of Awakening

The Ritual installation is a physical construct or landscape that encourages the user to inadvertently play out the ritual event.

Thus actively seeking out the moment of Erwecken the user becomes part of the experience. Translating the mnemonic metaphor from the language of words to that of ‘memory image’.

THE RITUAL EVENT – Tia Randall (Bartlett MArch Architecture / Diploma – unit 21) from APA on Vimeo.

























































Social Program vs Social Problem
Synthesis of the Present Context _ Proposal of a Social Program for Kreuzberg


Determining a Target Population
Demographic + Food Expenditure Statistics for the Neighbourhood Management Area


Waste Collection + Recycling Systems
Proposal for Local Composting + Recycling Facilities


Site Capacity + Required Food Production
Food Consumption Statistics for the Target Population + Site Food Production Estimates