Jamie Lilley

SCENE AND HEARD THEATRE | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014

DANISH MUSEUM OF RESISTANCE | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014

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Scene and Heard Theatre

Scene and Heard is a charity working with inner city children from Sommers Town. The charity uses theatre as a way to improve the lives of the Children. The proposal aims to reconnect the site to the community which it supports. A datum has been cast from Chalton Street through the site. From this datum small pockets of theatre spaces and playwrights ‘niches’ are positioned linking to the progressive nature of the courses put on by the theatre.  The Design Realization Report examined how ETFE can be used as an acoustic membrane to enhance the performance in the  Scene & Heard productions. By varying the size and the depth of the individual panels manipulates the sound waves to either absorb, reflect or enhance the sound.





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P01 Plan Drawing 2

















jamielilley14_09_pro02 final model01

jamielilley14_10_pro02 final model02



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Danish Museum of Resistance

The Danish resistance movement was an underground insurgency to resist the German occupation of Denmark during World War II. By 1943, many Danes were involved in underground activities, ranging from producing illegal publications to spying and sabotage.  In April 2013 the museum suffered an arson attack and was burnt down.  The proposal is to rebuild the museum on the current site and re-define how a museum is experienced. Specific routes and datum’s locate the user in the carved landscape and create arrival at a series of 42 concealed pavilions. The pavilions aim to describe key events through a direct emotional experience always discussing the differing sides and viewpoints to WWII in Denmark.


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P03 Final drawing PLAN 4



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