Digital Reconsecration | London | MArch GAD | 2011

Awarded Distinction in Design



Digital Reconsecration of the Levelled Churchyard

Driven by the desire to comment on the ubiquitous use of  new technologies and research on a number  of notions and ideas such as the human body in motion and its relation to technology, the short life expectancy of the new technologies that creates a dialogue with the organic mortality of the human body, the traces-material and immaterial, the notion of the ghost as well as the circle of life and death under the qualities of a shadowy, dark architecture that Antony Vidler has defined as the “Architectural Uncanny”, I undertook the first steps to the project.

Through the misuse of a 3d scanner that I set as my “desiring tool” and inspired by an anecdotal story of the st.pancras ex-churchyard referring to an unceremonious dislocation of dismantling human remains and tombstones due to the construction of the Midland Railway in 1860’s, a ritual performed on the site leads to the creation of a point cloud of my scanned moving hands as a proposal of a digital reconsecration of the site. The point cloud operates as a vehicle to navigate into the site while it transforms the current view of the site itself and is visualized in a diagrammatic way; for it reacts in three different ways by Knitting,Extruding and Cutting its body. The idea of this triptych is based on the myth of the three Greek goddesses called Moirai(Fates) that were believed to be responsible of the human lives-as if they held death into their hands.

Tutors: Andrew Porter & Luke Pearson