MUSEUM OF IDENTITY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011                                                                                                    Click to see Thesis


0-SarahAlfraih-LibraryMontaSituated in Istanbul, Museum of Identity, in an architectural intervention that proposes to be built along the parameters of the defined Portals that investigate the spatial considerations of identity production . Therefore the Museum will seek to construct an interpretive framework from which to monitor a multiplicity of perspectives, places and identities. Here, the city of Istanbul becomes a site for the exploration of a philosophical inquiry into place which questions the very way in which we locate ourselves within it. Once we recognise that space and social relations are made through each other, we can ascertain that the production of identity becomes central to spatial discourse.

The role of the image, or the movement image to be specific has become a crucial part of this new spatial discussion. Therefore, I initiated this investigation by making as series of montages that began to articulate or consider the interrelationships between images, subjects and the city. Using, the ␣lm Turkish ␣lm Uzak by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, as a case study, I investigate the role of ␣lm as medium from which to explore these moving images further. Here, I refer to these unique constructs that lie at these spatial intersections as ‘Portals’. These being constructed spaces that act as allegorical representation of the city (window), psychic dwellings (bed), positional references (library) and technological spacing (television). By articulating on these four lived spaces as ‘sites of di_erence’ I generated an interesting reading of the city of Istanbul and formed the basis for a proposed design intention based on a montage of these elements.






















Awarded Merit for Thesis

Tutors: Abigail Ashton, Andrew Porter