MUSEUM OF MELANCHOLY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011

The whole story comes from Orhan Pamuk’s book ‘Istanbul: Memories of a City’, in which ‘hüzün’, a Turkish expression of ‘melancholy’, is defined as a form of collective emotion shared by millions of people in Istanbul. In this book, people’s life and the landscape in Istanbul, become the best illustration of ‘Melancholy’. Based on Pamuk’s book, this Museum of Melancholy is established as a particular museum to provide an architectural journey for visitors to experience the melancholy moments of Istanbul. Eleven of the descriptions of melancholy scenes in the city are selected from the book and become the theme of each exhibition room. With the illustration and inspiration from the photographs of the famous Istanbul photojournalist Ara Güler, and some other artists, the special features of melancholy in each description is defined and developed into different architectural experience in each room. Roaming through the museum, you will experience different melancholy moments of the city at one time, from dawn to dusk, from winter to summer… Elements of the traditional Turkish wooden house are used as a language of design, to tell different stories of melancholy.