THE UNICORN INCUBATOR | Stockholm, Sweden | Unit 21 | 2017

The playful approach of Minecraft, a game which encompasses the act of building your own vision and dream has been encorporated into the process of architectural construction today. As governments, schools and world leaders recognise the capabilities of Minecraft in facilitating learning within construction and education, the project investigates how can we start to reorganise the growing need for innovation and collaboration within architecture in order to push the limits of design beyond what it is today.
This project is concerned with the realisation of a Unicorn Incubator in Stockholm (Sweden). Where growth, development and collaboration between people towards one mission develops a regeneration programme to not only foster deeper relationships within the start-up community but to use this foundation to push emerging construction methods. Sweden is the second most prolific producer of unicorns companies (who have reached 1 billion in Valuation) companies after Silicon Valley, however prevailing issues within this community (the attributes) hold back emerging entrepreneurs from creating companies that, like Minecraft, have gone to revolotionise new ways of thinking, worldwide. The project looks specifically at Minecraft (a unicorn company that has been developed in Stockholm and a game concerned with construction) to determine specific moves that will guide the architectural design principles. Therefore, investigating the typology of a game in the growth of a business and in the architectural proposal.
Elements of architecture and surrealism will be brought to fruition through the notion of creating the dream company; the unicorn. Where empirical research has been utilised to investigate the subconscious. Thus collated data from sleep and episodes of insomnia highlight the similarities between the levels of consciousness within the human mind and that of a business. These studies have formed small pavilions and from these the notion of the dream within the Unicorn Incubator have been developed.
The government and private investors will fund the programme that will allow young start-up company with a rigorous business plan to acquire a unit, a Unicorn. Each Unicorn consists of Co-working spaces and amenities, funding halls, as well as outdoor networking spaces and rooms. The existing boat docking station has also been integrated into the design in order to maintain the sites heritage and provide private access to specified units.
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