New Rovertou Galli Park | Athens, Greece| Unit 21 | 2019

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The Project is a renovation project of Rovertou Galli Park in Athens which allows visitors to interactively determine the building’s appearance and makes the Acropolis more connected to the city context. The main function of the park has a strong connection to today’s information technology, which encourages visitors to leave their own information and existence in the park. This project aims to explore the new meaning of sightseeing and human relations in the information age.
Democracy means “rule by people”, which is a process of exchanging views and making decisions. From the direct democracy of ancient Athens to the modern representative democracy, it involves more and more people, but less and less need for physical space. r/place (2017) is a great example of this new tendency. The 3-day experiment involved an online canvas of one million pixel squares. Every registered user could edit by changing the colour of a single pixel from a 16-colour palette. After a pixel was placed, the user had to wait for 5 minutes to get another chance to change any one of the pixels again. The result is amazing and thought-provoking.
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Athens will receive increasing tourists in the future, who will record the scene of Athens with digital social media, then spread and exchange these views. By transforming the picture information on Instagram into colour frames, the views of tourists could be merged together into a special complex which creates an effect similar to moiré pattern.
This park will become a new part of the Acropolis sightseeing, allowing visitors to interactively determine the building’s appearance. The architectural programmes consist of an interaction pavilion, a restaurant, a coffee bar, a plaza and some ancillary buildings. The main method is to translate the famous scenic spots on the Acropolis into several architectural programmes and generate interactive activities with tourists. Visitors could have a series of interactive experience based on different time intervals. The existence of users would be captured and then displayed in various ways. This means that, in response to the new trend of the information age, this project is no longer just space for adapting functions, but also a container for users’ existence and views.