The Ministry Of Ground | Venice, Italy | Unit 21 | 2020

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Project Overview
The Ministry of Ground is an architecture that speculates on the importance of dredged material and its reappropriation within the Venice lagoon. A constantly evolving floating terrazzo landscape is formed out of dredged masonry debris and silt, dug from the Venetian canals. This landscape is made up of square components formed by a combination of Venice’s digital twitter data and flooding information. An algorithm then re writes the dredging route in Venice based on a hierarchy of architecture at risk, turning Venice into a digital feed.

Each square is created in the specification of a performance space, a series of parameters are set out to manipulate acoustic and lighting properties based on terrazzo finish and building methods. The prevalence of a performance space allows for Venice to cater for a more 24 hour economy, promoting a new narrative within the city. Due to the constant flow of dredged material each square operates as a 3 month residency, the space then transitions into that of a dredged archive, with the architectural building materials of Venice being represented in the terrazzo specification. This ingrained archive is combined with dredged artefacts from the canals creating an almost un curated archive of Venice.

Digital Twitter data and Flooding data are combined into a new cartography for Venice placing a hierarchy on where in Venice is in need of dredging and thus saving with the combination of digital importance.

The typical method of depositing dredged material is now replaced with an ordered and archived version. This floating landscape seamlessly grows across the lagoon fluctuating with the natural conditions.