Ioana Drogeanu

Towards a ‘Non-Universal’ Architecture: Designing with Others through Gestures (1:1 Scale) | Barcelona, Spain | Unit 21 | Click To See Thesis The project highlights the collaborative potential of digital tools in creating deeply personal and culturally resonant architectural experiences by integrating intangible cultural heritage into tangible forms. By tracing Spanish cultural gestures at a 1:1 scale in VR, we embed personal traces directly into architectural elements. Co-authorship with

Austin McGrath

The Institute of Artificial Intelligence Education | Barcelona, Spain | Unit 21 | The Institute is an avant-garde approach to participatory design processes. Conceived as a hyper-contextual latent space, the project harnesses the voices of the very visitors that flock to Gaudí’s renowned Sagrada Familia basilica and its adjacent park – a verdant oasis that offers respite from the Barcelona sun pre- and post-visit. Audaciously sited at the periphery

Jeffrey Cheung

Parque Para Perros Español | Barcelona, Spain | Unit 21 | 2024 Historically, dogs have adapted to human-centric environments, and their intelligence is often evaluated from a human perspective. This project emphasizes the collaboration between humans and dogs in architectural design. It explores the analysis and spatialization of human movements and cues to understand how dogs perceive human movement sequentially, rather than generalizing a set of movements. Human movement

Zijie Cai

Vivir la Utopia: Barcelona Anarchist Memorial | Barcelona, Spain | Unit 21 | Click To See Thesis The Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), founded in 1910, marked the rise of Spanish anarchism, which united workers across Barcelona and Spain. Despite the decline of the CNT’s influence during the Franco regime, this project hopes to revive the movement’s legacy in contemporary memory by establishing an anarchist memorial at the former

Hau To Charmaine Tang

Paintstrokes of Catalonia | Barcelona, Spain | Unit 21 | Situated on Montjuic Hill in Barcelona, a site embodied with Catalan history, this project celebrates Catalonia’s cultural heritage and artistic tradition through painting as a design process for architecture. Montjuic Hill, once a place where revolutionaries of the Spanish Civil War were imprisoned, executed, and buried, stands as a poignant symbol of the region’s struggle for independence and its

Xavier Thanki

Depositing Bodies of Data | Barcelona, Spain | Unit 21 | ‘Depositing Bodies of Data’ explores how data can be encrypted within a site to respond to climatic instabilities. Addressing the rising risk of flooding in the Ebre Delta, it proposes an inhabitable dunescape that harmonises with nature, to protect the regions culturally and economically vital rice farming industry. The project aims to develop a new architectural language by

Oscar Maguire

Probobli Boboli | Florence, Italy | Unit 21 | 2023 This project explores the potential of using probabilistic simulations as part of a creative process for design, rather than simply a tool for validation, to further an understanding of the implications for designing with uncertainty at each step of the process. The exploration emerged from a historical study of the banks, libraries and fountains of Florence, looking at them as