Lewis Brown

Casting Quantum Shingle | Dungeness, UK | Unit 21 | 2021 The dynamic shingle landscape of Dungeness is new and charged with energy, pushed and pulled by geomorphic processes and experimental technologies that populate the flat terrain. The boundless sky and infinite horizon plane form a datum against which the changing climate and landscape are measured. Two Nuclear Power Stations stand on the edge of the landscape, protected from the

Ioana Drogeanu

Building a Bathhouse within a Room | Bucharest, Romania | Unit 21 | 2021 Awarded First Class HonoursAwarded Year 3 Portfolio Prize ‘The creation continues incessantly through the media of man.’ – Antoni Gaudi The project prompted a consideration of the scale at which people think about, design, and interact with architecture. Time spent indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic led to an exploration of ways in which objects can be moved

Zofia Lipowska

Dancing with Landscape | Isle of Portland, UK | Unit 21 | 2022 zofia.lipowska.20@ucl.ac.uk The human body inspired the programme of a dance studio located between Bowers Quarry and Tout Sculpture Park. The main inspiration for the project are the cliffs and boulders of the area, and how the landscape influences our moves, for example in how we support ourselves with a rock and the ways we experience stone by

Cosimo de Barry

The Royal Academy of Music | Isle of Portland, UK | Unit 21 | 2022 cosimo.barry.19@ucl.ac.uk The project proposes a satellite facility for the Royal Academy of Music, based in London, on the Isle of Portland. The programme consists of a music studio complex and access to music equipment for use by both invited guests from the Royal Academy of Music, as well as for the local population. The Portland

Archie Koe

Skate on Kintsugi | Isle of Portland, UK | Unit 21 | 2022 archie.koe.20@ucl.ac.uk A multi-storey skatepark in a quarry on the Isle of Portland. Providing the younger generation of Portland with a skatepark community to support troubled youths by giving them a place to belong, mitigating potential mental health problems. Kintsugi (the art of repair) informed materiality and skate-path informed pseudo-parametric design language. Kensington’s Displaced Portland Stone WW2 Bomb

Paddi Alice Benson

LOST [AND FOUND] IN PLAY | Stockholm, Sweden | Unit 21 | 2017 Awarded Distinction for Design & Distinction for Thesis Awarded The Bartlett School of Architecture Medal Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year work   The paediatrician/psychoanalyst Winnicott, identified the space between the interior, imagination and the perceived outer world / society as the location of cultural experience; “this intermediate area, is in direct continuity with the

William Molho Y5

William Molho

CITY OF EDGES: EXCAVATION | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 CITY OF EDGES: THE QUARRIED THEATRE | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year Work     City of Edges: Excavation   Helsinki granite bedrock has been widely relied on for the construction of excavated underground structures over the last century, as techniques evolved. Besides, exposed, raw rock outcrops

William Molho

GROUND FOR PLAY(S) THEATRE | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Design Realisation      Somer’s Wall Film: Ground for Play(s) Theatre Somers Walls is a filmed, continuous elevation of Somers Towns, a neighborhood in Camden, London, where the theatre project is located. Shot from a car, the film expresses the nature of Somers Town boundaries: Euston station, St. Pancras station, Euston. The density and rhythm of the

Risa Nagasaki

TIME-BASED LANDSCAPE | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Thesis   Typologically, Copenhagen is a collection of lands reclaimed from water.  Copenhagen is known as the “Venice of the North”.  The project is essentially a proposal for the future of Copenhagen.  Proposing how the city may expand on water reclaiming land and retaining the water.  The project proposes time-based landscape as an extension of the city of

Francesca Pringle

THE EXTENDED TERRITORY OF SCENE AND HEARD | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Design Realisation     Extending Territory The building houses Scene and Heard, a theater and charity that take underprivileged children from the local area of Somers town and teach them to write plays. These plays are then performed to by professional actors to a public audience. This project explores how the territory of Scene and Heard’s work expands into the homes


Jens Kongstad

SCENE AND HEARD: COMMUNITY THEATRE | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014 MIDDELGRUNDSFORTET | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Design Realisation      Scene and Heard Community Theatre Situated in Somers Town behind Euston Station is the Scene and Heard Community Theatre. The theatre is currently housed in the former church house of St. Pancras Old Church, one of the only historic buildings on the street. Somers Town has seen

Jamie Lilley

Jamie Lilley

SCENE AND HEARD THEATRE | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014 DANISH MUSEUM OF RESISTANCE | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Design Realisation     Scene and Heard Theatre Scene and Heard is a charity working with inner city children from Sommers Town. The charity uses theatre as a way to improve the lives of the Children. The proposal aims to reconnect the site to the community which it

Charlotte Reynolds

Charlotte Reynolds

SOMER’S TOWN COMMUNITY THEATRE | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014 THE POCKET PARK URBAN PROTOTYPE | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Design Realisation   Somer’s Town Community Theatre Crowndale Road Community Theatre is a live project to redevelop an existing site in the deprived Somer’s Town, London. The project responds to the existing site construct both physically and digitally through a series of in depth concrete casting techniques

Naomi Gibson

THE PERFORMING GROUND OF FRAGMENTED IDENTITY | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Awarded Distinction for Thesis Click to see Thesis     Fragmented Perception of Cityscapes The year began with an interest in how city streetscapes are perceived in a fragmented fashion and provide the viewing pedestrian with a shifting sense of place. The first drawing studies analyse how we ‘see’ a streetscape, our eyes darting between points of focus, drawn to

Katie Walmsley

SHUNT  THEATRE | London | Unit 21 | 2009 Awarded Distinction for Design & the Fitzroy Robinson Prize for Drawing   “In another moment Alice was through the looking glass, and had Jumped lightly down into the looking glass room.” Lewis Carrol A new home for Shunt, a London based modern theatre company, who blur the lines between art and performance. The scheme is has a dual program, it consists

Ayaka Suzuki Y4

PICTURE HOUSE FOR THE TURKISH MOTION IMAGE | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011 Snow; “it made the city look new, not only covering up the mud, the filth and the neglect, but by producing in every street and every view an element of surprise…” Situated amongst the long-lost memories of the celebrated past of the city, the Picture House reflects how the novelist Orhan Pamuk remembers his black-and-white childhood

Alicia Bourla Y5

FLOATING LIBRARY ISTANBUL | Istanbul | Unit 21 |  2011 Istanbul, an ‘archipelago of neighbourhoods’ is a city within which the East and West straddle amongst each other, ‘like memories plucked from dreams’. I propose a building in the water, where the density of the city disappears, within the marriage of the civilizations inhabiting the two banks of the strait. Concentrating on the Islamic tradi- tion and culture, I designed a

Dionysia Kypraiou

Digital Reconsecration | London | MArch GAD | 2011 Awarded Distinction in Design   Digital Reconsecration of the Levelled Churchyard Driven by the desire to comment on the ubiquitous use of  new technologies and research on a number  of notions and ideas such as the human body in motion and its relation to technology, the short life expectancy of the new technologies that creates a dialogue with the organic mortality

Gabriel Lee

THE OPTICAL PARK | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 “We have attempted to present interior reality and exterior reality as two elements in process of unification, of finally becoming one” – André Breton The project was initiated by carrying out a series of analogue photographic experiments to explore the idea of superimposition of spaces, time and scale. This lead to the final proposal of an Optical Park at the

Ayaka Suzuki

PLACE-MAKING | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 Digital communication is an absolute necessity for the fast-moving  society of today. It provokes real events that then feed back into the virtual domain; the communicative data of the physical environment is constantly altered and multiplied.  Project I is an investigation into the eviction of the collective housing residents in Berlin. The chain reaction of protests, with live uploads of videos and comments

Mina Gospavic

BERLIN ARTSPARK | Berlin | Unit 21 | 2012 | Awarded Distinction in Design   ‘Intervention in the existing city, in its residual spaces, in its folded interstices can no longer be comfortable or effacious in the manner postulated by the modern movement’s official model of enlightened tradition…[but rather through attention to continuity] of the flows, the energies, the rhythms established by the passing of time and loss of limits’ –