The Moving Park | Turin, Italy | Unit 21 | 2018



Sited in the heart of Milan business hub and in between three major Design Districts, ‘ The Moving park ‘ proposes the relocation of Milano’s annual Textile exhibition to this focal point. This is a Response to the shift in the Chinese Textile Industry due to rising costs back to Italy, which was the Main textile exporter across Europe.
Such opportunity can be used to target Italy’s high youth unemployment rates. The five Day event, which is proposed in what is currently a park, is designed to attract this demographic by utilising Trends as a facade for the exhibition.
Building on the idea of each year’s trend dictating the shape and form of exhibition, the project sets out to achieve this through a two-step design process, that is linked and interact with one another. First ‘ the built form as a platform for materiality’ is a set of six machines, around the site, each designed to correspond to a textile property. Meaning, the machines act as a performance display for that illustrated property. These Machines and their corresponding properties are Machine A / Tensile quality, Machine B / Weight, Machine C / Drape quality, Machine D / Wearability and feel, Machine E / Strength and Machine F / Abrasion and Durability. The machines will only be active in the exhibition space when the corresponding Property reflects the Materials that is trending. For example, a good performance property for silk is drape quality and Therefore Machine C will be used to elaborate that property.
‘The site as a platform for colour’ is the second step. The program of the Milano Exhibition is split between Main exhibition spaces and supportive spaces. Of the Main spaces, space ‘ Area Trend ‘ is relocated across the 7 of the 8 built clusters around the site. This annual relocation is based on the dominant range of colours in this years Trend. Each of these clusters represents one of the primary colours, its shades and the range of colours up to the next colour in the neighbouring cluster. These Clusters and their corresponding colours are  Cluster 1 / Red, Cluster 2 / Magenta, Cluster 3 / purple. Cluster 4 / blue , Cluster 5 / green , Cluster 7/ orange . Cluster 8 / Yellow.
The interaction and link between these Two steps are managed by an algorithm, developed in the first part of this project. Its objective based thinking and ability to optimise and learn from each year’s iteration allows ti to create a more accurate representation of the upcoming year’s trend. This iterative aid is achieved by utilising the neural network designed in the algorithm to allows the machine learning process.
Both of these design steps and linking algorithm ensure that each year’s exhibition area will be visually and spatially representative of the years trending textile colours and materials. Having this ever-changing space should keep the mentioned demographic intrigued to explore this growing industry.






Mechanism & Textile Property

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