Layal Merhi

PRADO TRANQUILLE | Marseille, France | Unit 21 | 2016 Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year work     Investigating questions of culture, identity, and temporality, this project is an insertion on the edge between Marseille and the Mediterranean. The intervention leverages Marseille’s diverse culture and urban history, referencing the Prado as a site belonging to Marseille physically and intellectually, as well as the Bole, a program also

Sally Taylor

  MARSEILLE: METAPHYSICAL DATA SYSTEMS | Marseille, France | Unit 21 | 2016  Click to see Design Realisation   Marseille has two ports located within close proximity of the city centre. The original Vieux Port is situated near the old town of Le Panier, but maritime traffic becomes too intense and the port was extended north of the city. Port Marseille Fos was built and it now serves as the

Marianna Filippou

MARSEILLE MUSIC AND CULTURAL CENTRE | Marseille, France | Unit 21 | 2016   Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year work     Marseille is characterised by its transiency and cultural diversity seen in its importing and exporting activities that take place in the coast and expand in the mainland. The concept behind the proposed scheme for Marseille has been developed through the experience of the city as a

Jamie Lilley Y5

Jamie Lilley

LOCATING HELSINKI | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 A MASTERPLAN FOR THE HELSINKI METROPOLITAN AREA ASSEMBLY | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 Awarded Distinction for Design &  Distinction for Thesis Awarded The Bartlett Medal Click to see Thesis Click to see 4th Year Work   Locating Helsinki: Using Cartographic Methods to Depict the Shifting Physical and Digital Loci of the Capital Cartography provides identity, clarity and a grounding to the understanding

Hong Hew

NAVIGATING COPENHAGEN | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 URBAN RE-CONSTRUCT | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Thesis     Social Exclusion and Interaction Between People and the City Pedestrian navigation allows people to travel from one place to another accurately by using paper-maps or more commonly with Global Positioning System (GPS) on mobile devices. The act of navigation, which includes determining of location and direction findings by cross referring the