Marilena Petalidou

Unwrapping Heritage | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2022 Unwrapping heritage proposes a thematic garden of unwrapped artefacts where one can experience their aura through architecture. The design is based on 3D scans of artefacts taken from the British Museum during the last months. The scanned models are cut, unwrapped and rewrapped to create new spatial forms that generate a landscape that reflects not only the qualities of

Ina Ioan

Resting in Myths | Isle of Portland, UK | Unit 21 | 2022 The project aims to bring together mythology and leisure in a storytelling environment buried deep into a hill whilst also being lightly cantilevered off the ground, overlooking the pristine natural surroundings. Its ambition is to create a dialogue on both sides of an existing hikers’ path that leads to the ruins of the Rufus Castle and

Steven Graves

THE MARITIME GRAVEYARD | Stockholm, Sweden | Unit 21 | 2017   Click to see Design Realisation The maritime graveyard is based in Stockholm’s fragmented archipelago, a landscape built up of islands and rock outcrops. The building acts as a museum displaying otherwise lost maritime artefacts that are submerged beneath the Baltic Sea. The project aims to salvage these treasures that hold an important position in the countries maritime history. These

Paddi Alice Benson

MARSEILLE: ECLAT[S] DU MYTHE | Marseille, France | Unit 21 | 2016   Click to see Design Realisation   The compound identity of Marseille is an inextricable interweaving of myth, reality, seen and unseen – a modernist construct: the industrial revolution, the continuous flux of migration, its colonial past, and the turbulence caused by inequality have all contributed to the creation of a unique image of the ‘phocaean city’. Each of these temporal imprints inherits a modernism that was never

Camilla Wright

LIMESTONE MUSEUM | Marseille, France | Unit 21 | 2016 Click to see Design Realisation   The Museum is a testament to Marseille’s relationship with its adjacent Limestone outcrop. Layers within the stone are chronological and run parallel to the past narrative of Limestone within Marseille; the early construction of the city and the formation of the impressive coastal creeks (Le Calanques). The geological value of the stone led to an archaeological approach to

Samson Simberg

LONDON UNDER LONDON | London, England | Unit 21 | 2015 MUSEUM OF LONDON – ANNEX | London, England | Unit 21 | 2015   Click to see Design Realisation     London Under London   There is more to the city of London than meets the eye… Beneath its streets is another world. Interested in the London under London, I began to investigate and map this hidden world, discovering a

James Simcock

ANAMORPHIC THREE SMITHS STATUE | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 INVENTING MEMORY | Helsinki, Finland | Unit 21 | 2015 Awarded Distinction for Thesis & Merit for Design Click to see Thesis    Anamorphic Three Smiths Statue: Deconstruction of a War Memorial   The twentieth century has shown an unprecedented confidence in the building of war memorials to resist the decay of memory, and yet their record of

Layal Merhi Y4

Layal Merhi

OVERHEAD MUSEUM | London, England | Unit 21 | 2015 Click to see Design Realisation     Overhead Museum   The project is a photography museum and balloon-scape in the Barbican Area at the heart of London. The project will act as both a community project as well as a modern age leisure garden thanks to the contemporary use of Hot Air Balloons. The intention behind the project is to

Jamie Lilley

Jamie Lilley

SCENE AND HEARD THEATRE | London, UK | Unit 21 | 2014 DANISH MUSEUM OF RESISTANCE | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Design Realisation     Scene and Heard Theatre Scene and Heard is a charity working with inner city children from Sommers Town. The charity uses theatre as a way to improve the lives of the Children. The proposal aims to reconnect the site to the community which it

Hong Hew

NAVIGATING COPENHAGEN | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 URBAN RE-CONSTRUCT | Copenhagen, Denmark | Unit 21 | 2014 Click to see Thesis     Social Exclusion and Interaction Between People and the City Pedestrian navigation allows people to travel from one place to another accurately by using paper-maps or more commonly with Global Positioning System (GPS) on mobile devices. The act of navigation, which includes determining of location and direction findings by cross referring the