MUSEUM OF DEMOCRACY | Istanbul | Unit 21 | 2011

‘The Museum of Democracy’ is a proposal to remember and embody the defining acts of Turkish Democracy. The museum’s architecture is concerned with the acts of seeing and symbolising the narratives which have defined the process of Democracy in Turkey.

The museum is sited upon a political artefact Yassiada Island, located 8km off the eastern shore of Istanbul. The islands history as an instrument of politics and power is documented and continued through the acts of the museum. The museum is home to seven monuments to Democracy, these monuments, former buildings of political narrative, become the museum’s exhibits. The island becomes the plinth from which we view the monument, and the architecture of the museum becomes the method by which we now read each monument. Each monument represents a particular democratic narrative; the themes of these narratives are the source for the architectural constructions. Internal and external spatial experiences embody these themes and document the history of Turkish Democracy.

The drawing and models displayed represent the investigative works throughout the project, from symbolic explorations of history to models of visual experience. Each method attempts to explore the role of architecture within the museum setting as objectified, curatorial and symbolic of history.