The new pavilion consisting of a multi-functional space and a gallery, overlooks the majestic Mounts Bay and the iconic St.Michael’s Mount. The architecture explores the idea of shifting focus and views of the local landscape to create different and individual experiences, playing with the idea of blurring the boundaries between architecture and nature. When first approached, the architecture is hidden within the forest of trees and only once walking along the skywalk, one starts to notice the presence of the pavilion and the closest view of St.Michael’s Mount. Most of the architecture is submerged into the sloped landscape where underground spaces focus on several different moments created by nature. For example such as the grass horizon, the moving sky scape, the reflection of the sky on the water, the weight of the soil and shafts of light which pierce down through them. As one approaches, the pathway cuts through the landscape so that one walks along the hill at around a metre level so that the grass then becomes the foreground and the focus. As one approaches the pavilion, the boundaries seem to blur due to its facades, which combine different reflective materials: glass, steel and mirror. Once you go though the gallery, the cut on the hill leads to the amphitheatre where the focus will shift to the performance when it is held and when it isn’t, the façade of the architecture becomes the foreground and the view of St.Michael’s Mount becomes the backdrop behind at which point the iconic landmark then becomes out of focus. At the very end of the journey, there is a belvedere where there is a slit to enjoy the best view of St.Michael’s Mount from afar. And another on the opposite direction, a path continues into the forest of trees where you are exposed into the nature and where the focus is completely away from St. Michael’s Mount.


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